Nov 27
ARB E-Z Deflator Digital

IMG_0832.jpegMost 4WDers know the importance of tyre pressures when hitting the tracks, which is why having a deflation set-up that allows a fast and accurate response is so handy. With plenty of options on the market, make it easier by using ARB's E-Z Deflator with digital gauge (ARB510).

With ultra accurate readings of +/- 1psi between 15-75psi, and overall range of 0-200psi, the easy to read blue backlit display includes multiple pressure readouts including PSI, BAR, KPA and KgF. The E-Z Digital Deflator has up to 200 hours runtime on a set of 2 x AAA batteries which are supplied with the unit.

Packaged in a sturdy cotton canvas pouch that can be easily stowed away into your drawers, the ARB E-Z Digital Deflator is a must-have for making your trips off road a drive in the park.