Mar 19
LED Awning

Rocking up in the dead of night is no longer a worry with ARB’s new Awning and Light kit. With the light coming from above, setting up, cooking or even a game of cards are easier to manage without light shining directly in your eyes.

The slimline dimmable light features a water-resistant digital control and heat-resistant LEDs with aluminium extrusion for heat dissipation. There are three light options: a white light, which is great for cooking and preparation, an amber light, used for minimising bug attraction and providing comfortable soft lighting, or a mix between the two to remove some of the starkness but still be able to see clearly.

The light strip is powered by a 12V CIG plug on a four-metre insulated waterproof cable and connectors. When packing up the awning, the cable is simply disconnected, and the light strip can be rolled up in the awning. The cables can then be kept safe in the supplied bag you can store in the back of your car.

When going off road, lighting is important and ARB’s new Awning and Light kit is sure to keep your trip bright.